Appollo L.E.D MKII Guard Lamp

Guard Lamp

Small Blue Guardlamp :
DME Approved
-Switches: White -Off-Red
-Voltage: 4.2VDC 9000m/A
-Current: 950 mA @ 4VDC (12 Hours)
-Charging: Standard
-Lux Output: 20-40 Lux @20m
-Light Colour: Cool White 4 Watt
-Weight: .2kg with single accumulator

1 Year Limited Warranty
This relates to the internal components of the LED bezel only and excludes any failure caused by negligence, malice or accidental destruction.

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  1. Hallo there I would like to know if I can purchase the charging cord as ours is missing it also like this blue colour light my cord has two points that go in please can you assist me in this thank you

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