Appollo Insert

Loco Headlight

Features: LED’s rated 50 000Hours liftime, solid state semi-conductor.
Reliable and Robust. Shock and vibration resistant.
Mechanical and thermal stress resistant.
Unique optics – LUX performance
Low current = less energy usage
Low voltage operation = eliminates sparks
Cool beam = safe to touch
Instant light, less than 100ns, 12-15 hours giving LUX required.
Quality for UL certification.

Voltage: 4-4.5 VDC/24 VDC
Current: 1-1.2 Amp @ 4.2 VDC /170mA @ 24 VDC.
LUX output: 20-40 Lux @ 20m
Light colour: Cool White 3x 1W Cree LED

Warranty: 1 year limited Warranty
This relates to the internal components of the LED bezel only and excludes any failure or damage caused by geligence, malice or accidental destruction.

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