Appollo 180 Watt Light


Apollo 180W FloodLight:
Product features:
-1.High Voltage,Low Current, Energy saving, environment friendly.

-2.Performance: stability, high IP rating of water-proof and dust proof.

-3.Aesthetically pleasing, small size and weight, flexible to install.

-4.Columnar-structured heat radiator to dissipate heat from all directions.

Ilumminant parameters:
Power:180 Watt
Led Type: High Power LED(COB)

Beam angle: 120′
Power factor (PF) :0.95
Color:White/Warm White(2800-7500K)

IP Degree: IP65
Frequency (Hz) :47to63Hz
Color index (CRI): 80Ra
LED life span: 50,000 hours

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